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Allergy & Dermatology Care

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Is your pet scratching, itching, licking, or chewing on themselves? Living in south Texas, we get a large quantity of canine and feline pets with allergies and dermatology needs.

Common Allergies in Pets

The most common allergies we see are airborne allergies or flea allergies. Living in humidity and dealing with an itching pet can be very frustrating for the owner and the pet. Pets can easily get skin infections from the scratching they are doing.

We offer a high-quality line of medicated shampoo along with other treatment options that will help with some skin infections that your pet may have contracted from allergies or fleas.

Other Dermatology Issues in Pets

Other skin and dermatology issues you could see in your pet are ear mites and ear infections. We also will do ear cytology for this, along with an ear flush and the treatment.

Ringworm is a common fungus amongst our canine and feline species that we diagnose at our clinic. We diagnose ringworm with fungal cultures and offer bathing and dips in our clinic.

We see other dermatological issues like skin parasites. There are two different types of mites more commonly seen: Demodectic and Sarcoptic. They can cause hair loss, scratching, and itching.

We can use cytologies, including tape impressions, skin scrapes, ear swabs and lab tests to diagnose your pet’s problem in our in-house lab and pharmacy.