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Pet Wellness

Prevention of illness is key to Dr. Sherry D. (Dodson) Clark's philosophy of quality health care. Just as with humans, a physical examination is the most important step you can take to conscientiously care for your pet. It establishes a baseline of your special friend's health against which Dr. Clark can compare any subsequent changes in signs or symptoms.

To preserve optimal health, it is recommended that animals receive twice yearly physical examinations, the equivalent of a person going to the doctor about every 3 years. At your initial appointment, Dr. Clark will ask for a complete medical history of your animal and then thoroughly examine your pet.

Vaccinations and Prevention

Since animal health care threats can vary by locale, an immunization schedule that is both species- and location-specific for your pet will be advised. Preventive medication (e.g., canine heartworm, and flea and tick) may be prescribed or preventive surgery (e.g., spaying or neutering) may be recommended.

Dr. Sherry D. (Dodson) Clark is eager to explain her findings and answer questions you may have in her belief that, by working together, your animal is being well cared for all its life.

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